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 What an "indoor" cat misses.
1.   Being hit by a car
2.   Fleas, worms, and ticks
3.   Fights with other animals

4.   Infections from puncture wounds
5.   Pranksters mistreating or abusing
6.   Getting collar caught on something
7.   Feline Leukemia, Feline AIDS,
8.   Feline Infectious Peritonitis
9.   Antifreeze and Rat Poison
10. Rain, wind, and cold, getting lost
11. Animal traps
12. Pregnancy!

veterinary print scrub top cotton fabric with blue cats

Never paint the shell of a live turtle!
Did you know that turtle shells are a living organ??

April 26, 2019
The shell is not dead and when kids paint the turtle's shell it is actually an act of cruelty. The shell of a turtle absorbs sunlight and that is how he gets his vitamin D. Metabolic bone disease disorder is very serious and happens to a turtle who can't get sunlight through his shell because someone painted him. This is a painful, slow death, as he becomes deformed with the disease. Turtles are also clear targets for predators when their shells are painted as they cannot camouflage into their surroundings any longer. Teach kids to leave the paint off of living animals.

  Please cut your plastic rings before disposing of them. This literally takes just a second, and you will be helping to keep our wildlife safe. Animals have so much going against them, that us humans should do our part to help them. Just like 6 pack rings. Look for edible rings that are now being made
to contain six-packs. This is a pretty  new invention, but as public awareness has increased,
  they are becoming more readily available. This way if they find their way into the ocean, they are safe if eaten. Another way to help would just be to avoid buying the drinks that use the 6 pack rings.

cardinal and bluebird on cotton fabric for animal print scrub top
May 16, 2016
Sharing a world with birds, just like these Fine Feathered Friends , takes a little respect and compassion.
Just the other day Western Scrub Jay nestlings lost their home because someone wanted to take a tree down that they lived in. If you want to clear brush and trim trees, just wait until the end of summer and beginning of winter, it's the perfect time and you can help keep songbirds safely together.
And did you even know that if you are trimming a tree and you spot an active nest in the tree you are trimming, you have to leave the nest alone and cease trimming? It's the law.

First week in May, a free-roaming cat killed the parents of 5 Western Bluebird nestlings that were only 24 hours old! What a shame. This is another way to show respect and compassion.....keep your cats contained! Containment is better for cats anyway.
Roaming cats wreak havoc on wildlife,......  in the spring entire clutches can be lost when the parents are killed. Please help spread awareness about an issue that has a very easy solution............ Keep your cats contained, always.
It's not the circle of life when people allow their domestic animals to roam free because these animals are not native and do not belong anywhere but the confines of the owners property. The people are at fault, not the cats! People, keep your animals contained!! And please... spay or neuter your pets!

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