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Return Policy

Our products are not imported from other countries. We do not pull imported items off the shelf and ship them out to you when you order.
Instead, your scrub tops are custom made just for you when you place your order, here in the United States.  We do not want to pay someone to stand behind a counter and accept returns all day long like Walmart does. We would rather keep busy sewing scrubs to your order, and we'll get your order right, as long as YOU check the custom made scrub top size chart, especially since our scrub tops are unisex sizing.

We have to have a return policy to protect us from those who wish to order a custom made item, just to see what it would look like. When you order a custom made item, we cut the fabric off of the bolt, into the pattern you specify, into the size and length that you specify, and with the amount and placement of the pockets you specify. If you return it, somebody else may never like your idea enough to purchase it, creating a loss for us.

Custom Made Scrubs will fit perfect if you refer to our  size chart before ordering.

There will be no refunds on custom made items of which were ordered in the wrong size or laundered. If you order a size that is too large, we can always alter it. We only issue refunds if WE make a mistake with a custom made item,  and if that were to happen, a return will be accepted and we will pay the shipping. We will either send a replacement or issue a refund.

Scrub tops returned which are too large can be altered to fit with a small alteration fee, and the cost for us to return them to you. It's best to measure for your perfect fit in the first place, instead of going through the return process. Our size chart is SO simple for a perfect fit.

Directions for returning your custom made scrub top to be altered smaller:
E-mail us and let us know to expect a return package from you, along with the reason you are returning, and any directions for alteration. Send that e-mail within 7 days of receiving your item.
Also include the same directions inside your package, along with your name and address, e-mail address, and 10.00. From the 10.00$.....7.00 of it goes to the seamstress who alters the scrub top and 3.00 is for us to return the top back to you. This is why we say "Check the size chart first, and you will get your perfect fit."

For alterations....Mail to:
108 Whippoorwill Avenue
Trail Creek, Indiana 46360

Ready Made scrubs ordered from our Ready Made section may be returned or exchanged.
These returns should be mailed within 7 days.
Ready Made Scrubs which have been altered by the customer, or washed, will not be accepted for exchange or refund.

Washed garments - Absolutely no refunds on laundered garments whether Ready Made or Custom Made.

108 Whippoorwill Avenue
Michigan City, IN  46360
Phone: 219-873-9667

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