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Question: What is a "split hem" on a scrub top?

Answer:  A split hem is the split in the hem at each side of the hip.

Question: When clicking on the order form, a gender question (Male, Female) is requested. Does this imply there is a difference in the cut of the scrub top? I assume that unisex sizing means there is no difference in the cut of the scrub, but I want to make sure why this needs to be answered.

Answer: The only reason we ask that question is for if you are ordering a button front scrub jacket. We need to know what side to put the buttons on. Males have their buttons on the right side and the females have their buttons on the left side.

Question:   What kind of fabric do you use for your scrub tops? 

Answer:     Almost all of our scrub tops fabric is 100% cotton. We have recently received some new prints which are poly/cotton and it will state that on the product page so you know exactly what fabric that print scrub tops has.

Question:   My husband says this v-neck scrub top style would make good bowling shirts. Do you have enough material for a whole team?

Answer:     Call us or e-mail us and we'll let you know if the scrub tops fabric you picked out is in stock or not and whether it is re-orderable or not.

Question:   What is the best way to launder your scrub tops?

Answer:     First of all, wash your scrub tops in cold water to set the colors. Put it in the dryer on low or medium for about 7 minutes and hang to dry using your hands to smooth out any wrinkles. After it is dry it may just need some ironing done lightly on the front side. After it's dry, try it on for fit. If it is a little big, then next time wash it in warm or hot water and dry as above.

Question:   Can I have my scrub top anyway I want it? Pockets placed anywhere I want?

Answer:     Yes you may. That is why we do Custom Made Scrub Tops, so that you can purchase them the way you WANT them, and not just how you can find them!

Question:   Can I send my own fabric to you and have you make my scrub tops?

Answer:     Sure can. We sew other items too. Ask us......If we can't do it, we'll tell you we can't. Get all the info on how to send in your own cotton fabric for printed scrub tops here.

Question:   How do your scrub tops sizes run?

Answer:     If you look at our size chart and you think you might need a "medium" for example.....that would be 48 inches. You would take a tape measure all the way around your hips and hold it at 48 inches. Then you could see how loose or how tight it would fit. A medium would also be 48 inches all the way up to under the armpits.

Question:   Where are the mens scrub tops sizes?

Answer:     These are unisex scrub tops. Men would measure for the scrub tops the same way as a woman. 

Question:   I was wondering if you sew printed scrub bottoms? I work with animals and I wear Scrubs, but my scrub top has to be solid colors, so I want fun bottoms, but they are almost impossible to find.

Answer:  Almost all of our fabrics can be custom made into scrub pants. We still don't have all the options listed on the site, but you can always e-mail us about what you would  like.

Question:   Do you make the ladies scrub tops with tie strings that you can tie in the back.  In other words there are 2 strings, one on each side, that you can tie together in the back that draws the sides in.

Answer:  We do just about anything, and if you are really picky about your scrub tops, a lot of people send us their best fitting scrub top and have us make them a pattern from it to save for when they order from us again, then we have their very own pattern on file.   AND instead of tiebacks, scrub tops can be made tapered in at the stomach, coming back out towards the hips........needing no tieback.  We do just about anything.

Question:  When ordering custom made scrub tops, why is my credit card charged way before time of shipping?

Answer:  Because at the time of you placing your order for scrubs, YOU are the one who charged your credit card. That way, NO credit card info is saved into our system. It also saves us time from having to go in and manually enter the numbers to charge your card if your numbers were saved in our system. In the case of a back order........instead of refunding you and then contacting you when the back ordered fabric arrives, asking you for your credit card info, we just hang onto the monies and when the fabric arrives, we cut it to your order, sew it up and ship it right out. We feel this is the safest way for our customers to place an order over the internet. We wish every website was that safe.

Comments = hello I just wanted to know why and really hope I get an answer, I really love your printed scrub tops and I did order the lions and it was so realistic but why are they so expensive? the city where I live sells the same animal print scrub tops that  u guys have and the lady that makes them for me only charges 6 dollars to make them, so why do u guys charge anywhere from 35-37 dollars for these scrub tops. dont get me wrong I am a huge animal lover and your animal print scrub tops are breathtaking to look at but the price is harm intended hope to hear from u soon thank u

WELL, fabric is not cheap and we make these scrub tops in the U.S.A., paying American people the American pay rate. Our scrub tops are not made in China and stored on our shelves ready to pull and ship when you order. These custom made scrubs are made to your order, just for you. We pay the seamstresses, the fabric cutters, the utility bills, the website hosting fees, the credit card fees, packaging expenses, and the huge amount we donate. If you read our "about" section, you would know our mission is to help abandoned and abused animals and to fight for their rights.

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