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February 4, 2021
As long as we are in business, your purchases will help them.
The word "rescue" in every sense of the word, comes to mind when viewing these pictures. This dog was found abandoned in a box behind Stracks in Hammond, Indiana on February 3rd. If you're not familiar with Indiana,... we are in the winter season with snow and temperatures in the teens.
He/she was taken to a shelter, where 2X2 Rescue went in and pulled him. This is why we always choose to support this rescue.......they go for the ones who were dealt a raw deal, the ones who are just as deserving of life as any others. It's unknown at this time, whether he has one eye or two eyes, or how many limbs he has.

This is truly disgusting that someone can do this to a living creature! The rescue is taking him to their veterinarian to be checked and treated. If he is healthy enough to save, he will then go to a groomer and surely be shaved from head to toe after a nice warm bath.
Each and every purchase you make, helps us help them. Check back for the after pictures and updates. Thank you for all your help!
UPDATE: February 6, 2020
The shaving is complete and all of his matted fur is a sad memory!

He is living in a fostor home and being treated for infections in both eyes.

This little poodle who is now named Renoir, turned out to be one of the sweetest dogs, holding no grudges on the idiot who neglected and abandoned him in freezing cold winter, boxed up behind a department store.

To help save a life, everyone can do something, whether large or small.

Renoir will soon be available for adoption on Pet Finder.



October 23, 2020

A selfless act of Love

In the last 10 years, I have failed at fostering dogs........meaning I ended up keeping all of them. In my younger years I was able to foster and find homes for the dogs with no problems. These last 10 years though, have proven me week at letting go. When I was asked to foster Leamington the Chug, (chihuahua - pug), I was told there was a pending adopter that wanted him but she wasn't quite ready as there was some home improvements that needed to be done and Lemmie still needed his vetting and neuter. I was told I would only have him for about a month. Of course I still fell in love, but this time I had to let go. Claudia came yesterday to adopt him and it was so hard to do, I bawled like a baby.  He's going to the most perfect home. Claudia assured me with everything I needed to know, and we will stay in touch.   I promised I could do this, and I did keep my word!

Rescues all over, look for and NEED foster homes so more dogs can be saved from shelters. Everybody can do something! Remember...........instead of shopping for your dog and making breeders rich, go adopt from your local shelter. If you are not in the position to adopt, try to foster to get that animal out of the shelter and into a warm comfy home. If you can't foster, you can sponsor, or even donate......monetary donations or donations of needed supplies. Not everybody can donate, and if you can't, you can educate friends and family, network on social media and even cross post pets up for adoption. To help save a life, everyone can do something, whether large or small.

   When a bird looks like a flower
September 5, 2020

On this glorious summer day, while sitting outside with my parrot named Goober, who's wings are clipped, I was reading a book of poems, coffee in hand and really getting into this book.

I heard a hummingbird which is nothing unusual, as I have hummer feeders in the yard. In fact, one feeder was pretty close to where I was sitting, so I didn't really think anything of the hummer buzzing. Goober was sitting on his perch next to me enjoying the morning.

The humming continued and while I didn't think anything of it, I suddenly heard Goober start making a noise that he makes when he's "uh, uh, uh, uh, uh,". I look over at Goober (his middle name is Precious) and the look on his face was priceless! Picture a cross-eyed frozen parrot.

The hummer was so close to us, that I could see his tongue shooting in and out while licking through Goober's red head feathers that the hummer clearly thought was nectar made special for him. As Goober sat there so still, I was in shock at what I had seen and can't even imagine what Goober was thinking. Now, for me, my camera is never where I need it!

After the hummer left, Goober fanned his tail, pinned his eyes and spread his wings, either laughing at the hummer or telling him to never come back.

Later this evening after dinner, me and Goober headed back outside for a few minutes, him in his tree perch and me 3 feet away watering flowers.I glanced up at Goober as I keep constant watch on him, and there he is with the hummer again! This time Goober was making no noise and just letting the hummer have his way with the nectar colored feathers atop his beautiful head.

April 14, 2020

Listen up .........I'm going to tell you how to get that warm selfless feeling of gratification that comes with saving the life of an innocent animal.

Have you ever thought of fostering a dog until a rescue finds it's new home? 

This concept is vital to rescues and shelters both. Space is freed up in the shelter and the rescue can then see the animals true personality and place them in the best possible home. The dog you foster is now free of stress from the shelter and will begin to show his personality. The light in their eyes will shine again, and they will heal and prosper in your home with time and love until it's time for them to go to their new forever home. That feeling is bittersweet and will leave a hole in your heart, but you get the happy memories and the pride of saving a life. 

All you do is love on them and take care of them until the rescue notifies you that the dog/cat has found a home. You  will be sad and probably cry as you have probably become attached to them, and then that is when the warm fuzzy feeling kicks in. You then realize YOU saved a life! Most ALL rescues supply everything you will need. You just supply the love and the home. 

We LOVE Foxes
and shooting animals with cameras!

March 12, 2020

Do you have an idea why Fox would come so close in your yard? Seams like it's always between March and May? It's to get away from Coyotes who are further out. The Fox just wants to raise their babies without Coyotes digging them up and killing them. After the babies (kits) are born, mama will move them in a few weeks and you won't see so much of them. If they have 6 kits, usually only 2 to 3 of them will still be alive come September.

Fox mainly eat rats, mice, rabbits and some woodchucks, they do not want to eat your children and pets. It has been known that some cats and fox have even become friends. Please don't disturb a Fox den, or relocate the family. Enjoy the new yard entertainment while the kits grow, play and scurry around with each other tumbling along the yard. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the animation in your back yard.

Afraid to let your pets out once you realize you have Fox renting in your yard? Nothing happened to your pets before you realized you had company. They just want to raise their young.

Mama will work day and night to feed her family rodents from your yard and they even eat quite a bit of insects, as they are omnivores.

Left: Critters.....our Fox animal print scrubs fabric that you can choose in any style and size. We have been searching for more fabric with Fox and have found a really cute one that is arriving at the end of April.

Our scrubs are custom made so you can have them
any way you want them...... even made in the USA!

February 1, 2020
Ever wonder?
Our motto has always been that our scrubs are "not just for nurses". Our scrubs are worn by prison gaurds, prison nurses, certain offices at the steel mills, massage therapy, bait and tackle shops, teachers, doctors, nurses, dentists, veterinary clinics, wildlife rescue, bowlers, people wearing them as street clothes and the list goes on. Do you ever wonder what ever happened to somebody you used to deal with previously, like a teacher, a clerk, a doctor, a customer?
Well.......Paige Davis used to wear our scrubs and she is someone I want to tell you about, and somebody I would like to meet one day and be able to watch her work as I am in awe of her!
I first came to know about Paige when she was an intern at Centre Wildlife Care in Port Matilda, PA wearing our animal print scrubs and being trained by Karen Kuhn who just so happens to be a friend of mine,  and she told me a few things about Paige that I'd like to share with you. Karen says Paige was amazing with all of the animals but "magical" with the birds, especially the birds of prey which turned out to be her passion. She was dubbed the bird whisperer.
Paige is now a curator of bird training at the World Animal Sanctuary, just outside of St. Louis, caring for, training, handling and showing birds......including Clark, the bald eagle that she flies at ball games etc. Clark has his own seat on the airplanes, in a carrier, next to Paige and he stays in the hotel rooms with her! He actually likes to sit on a perch and watch TV, with Jurassic Park being his favorite movie.
When World Bird Sanctuary had baby Emus hatch, Paige raised them in her apartment so they'd be used to being around people. The Emus now stay at the sanctuary but the birds don't freak  out when folks are touring since Paige raised them, they are used to being around people now and  it's much safer for the handlers too.
Whenever you see the Liberty Insurance commercials (and who hasn't) you can remember now that Paige trained Limu the Emu's trainer! Sure did.
Paige is gorgeous in full costume, handling the birds at the Renaissance festivals but then Paige is just beautiful inside and out!
This week Paige is busy in Utah at the Falcon convention where the top left picture was taken.

She started out wearing scrub tops!

Karen Kuhn (bottom row, 2nd from right) from Centre Wildlife Care in Port Matilda, Pennsylvania, contributed to this story.

 What an "indoor" cat misses.
1.   Being hit by a car
2.   Fleas, worms, and ticks
3.   Fights with other animals

4.   Infections from puncture wounds
5.   Pranksters mistreating or abusing
6.   Getting collar caught on something
7.   Feline Leukemia, Feline AIDS,
8.   Feline Infectious Peritonitis
9.   Antifreeze and Rat Poison
10. Rain, wind, and cold, getting lost
11. Animal traps
12. Pregnancy!


Never paint the shell of a live turtle!
Did you know that turtle shells are a living organ??

April 26, 2019
The shell is not dead and when kids paint the turtle's shell it is actually an act of cruelty. The shell of a turtle absorbs sunlight and that is how he gets his vitamin D. Metabolic bone disease disorder is very serious and happens to a turtle who can't get sunlight through his shell because someone painted him. This is a painful, slow death, as he becomes deformed with the disease. Turtles are also clear targets for predators when their shells are painted as they cannot camouflage into their surroundings any longer. Teach kids to leave the paint off of living animals.

  Please cut your plastic rings before disposing of them. This literally takes just a second, and you will be helping to keep our wildlife safe. Animals have so much going against them, that us humans should do our part to help them. Just like 6 pack rings. Look for edible rings that are now being made
to contain six-packs. This is a pretty  new invention, but as public awareness has increased,
  they are becoming more readily available. This way if they find their way into the ocean, they are safe if eaten. Another way to help would just be to avoid buying the drinks that use the 6 pack rings.

May 16, 2016
Sharing a world with birds, just like these Fine Feathered Friends - animal print scrubs with birds, takes a little respect and compassion.
Just the other day Western Scrub Jay nestlings lost their home because someone wanted to take a tree down that they lived in. If you want to clear brush and trim trees, just wait until the end of summer and beginning of winter, it's the perfect time and you can help keep songbirds safely together.
And did you even know that if you are trimming a tree and you spot an active nest in the tree you are trimming, you have to leave the nest alone and cease trimming? It's the law.
First week in May, a free-roaming cat killed the parents of 5 Western Bluebird nestlings that were only 24 hours old! What a shame. This is another way to show respect and compassion.....keep your cats contained! Containment is better for cats anyway.
Roaming cats wreak havoc on wildlife,......  in the spring entire clutches can be lost when the parents are killed. Please help spread awareness about an issue that has a very easy solution............ Keep your cats contained, always.
It's not the circle of life when people allow their domestic animals to roam free because these animals are not native and do not belong anywhere but the confines of the owners property. The people are at fault, not the cats! People, keep your animals contained!! And please... spay or neuter your pets!
And always buy your bird print scrubs from TopSpot4U Custom Made Scrubs, because we have the most unique print scrub top fabrics! Print scrubs for men and women because they are unisex and made from fade resistant 100% oh so comfy cotton.

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