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 Donna Schilller owner of  TopSpot4U custom made scrubs  TopSpot4U was formed by an animal rights advocate, activist and big supporter of homeless, abused, neglected animals who also had fun sewing scrubs for her niece who was a nurse, when the thought entered her mind to sell scrubs to be able to better support her animal passion and her favorite rescue organization. Donna's house is always filled with dogs that were rescued from kill shelters.......three legged dogs, blind dogs, crippled dogs, one eyed dogs........the overlooked dogs, the ones about to be killed in the shelter even though they were innocent.
A love of sewing and a passion for helping animals went hand in hand and the business was formed.
Please know that your business with TopSpot4U, gives more support to hurt, lonely, needy, abandoned, abused and homeless animals. TopSpot4U gives back!
When the business was first started, Donna sewed the scrubs. She was the seamstress, the fabric cutter, the shipping department, and she was customer service......she did it all.  Although she doesn't sew the scrubs anymore, she makes quilts that are donated to the rescue fundraisers.
TopSpot4U appreciates your business!

Since this is the TopSpot4U "About Us" page...........

Let us take up a little bit of our space to suggest 10 things we can all do to help animals. After all, that's the passion of TopSpot4U!!

Yes, activism CAN be for everyone. Here are 10 things YOU can do to incorporate animal rights into your everyday living.

 Those who wear veterinary print scrub tops probably already know the 10 suggestions.
1.  Spay or Neuter your companion animal to prevent pet over-population. PLEASE!
2.  Don't buy or wear fur.
3.  Report animal cruelty! Stopping animal abuse takes reporting it to the proper authorities charged with investigation and prosecuting existing laws. Find out which agencies in your community handle animal enforcement and keep numbers handy.
4.  Get politically active. Educate yourself about which candidates are animal-friendly and which are not. Contact your elected officials about animal issues that are important to you, and always vote when election time rolls around.
5.  Avoid entertainment that exploits animals, such as circuses with animal acts, rodeos, greyhound racing and horse racing. Seek humane alternatives such as non-animal circuses like Circus du Soleil.
6.  Use humane and non-lethal pest control methods to control bugs and rodents. Shoot animals only with digital cameras......not weapons.
7.  Write letters to the editor. When you read about animal related issues in the media, take a moment to write a letter to the editor. Whether the story was positive or negative for the animal, letters to the editor are a great way to inform others about the animal rights perspective.
8.  Volunteer some time. Many animal related groups do not have the resources to hire paid staff, so volunteer labor is essential to their operations. Find an organization that you like and contribute time doing what you love - whether its cuddling cats, walking dogs, helping plan special events, or leading guided nature walks so people can appreciate wildlife.
9. Donate to charitable organizations. Animal related charities generally receive less financial support than health and human services organizations. Consider making a donation to your favorite animal related non-profit organization so it has the resources to implement programs that are important to you.
10.  Educate others.

Roger Schiller with dog Max

Rest In Peace big Max.... I found him at our local animal shelter one day while I was walking the dogs. Max had been at the shelter for quite some time and his tail told the story. There was blood all over the concrete blocks that separated him from the other dogs, and the blood was on his tail. His tail was so long, and although his bark sounded ferocious, his tail wagged constantly banging itself on the concrete walls to show anybody that would look, that he was happy and wanted a new home all the while, tearing up his tail.  I proceeded to put the collar and leash on him to take him out for his walk and to my surprise, I found him to be a gentle giant that only barked behind that concrete wall. I couldn't leave him there, he had to come home with me. I took him to the Vet's to have his tail looked at, and was told it had to be taken off as it would not heal. I went back to that shelter and adopted a little chihuahua Chico to be friends with Max, and they turned out to be best buddies, like Mutt and Jeff, never wanting to be separated. Max was in that shelter being a product of a divorce. He was 3 and lived with us for 5 years, and then had organ failure at age 8 which was his lifespan from being part Great Dane. Max was a beautiful, wonderful best friend!

Go to your local shelter and take home a real prize just like big Max!

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