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6 things you can do that will help save the Killer Whales

If you've ever wondered what you alone can do, to help save captive Orcas, and you came here for the Orca Printed Scrub Tops, then this is for you.


'What Can I Do?' ask.
Are you disturbed by the lives of killer whales in glass and
concrete tanks owned by powerful corporations and you just crave to help?...... But don't know how?

Here is a list of actions you can take to accomplish a variety of goals, to improve conditions for whales which are currently in captivity, and retiring all captive orcas to the ocean or to sea pens, and ending all  of the captive breeding programs.


When it comes down to advocating for the welfare of these killer whales in captivity, the more you know, the better  you will be able to convince family, friends, and colleagues. If you want to advocate on behalf of these beautiful animals, there is much for you to learn and self-educate

yourself. They are a profit for entertainment!  There is so much to learn, everything from survival statistics, to animal welfare regulations, federal legislation, marine-mammal veterinary care, and the pro-captivity Washington-Wall Street alliance. Fortunately, you will be able to find a lot of resources:

Read the documentary "Blackfish" – it  presents nonstop evidence that killer whales do not belong in captivity.

Search the internet: 7 reasons Orcas and captivity don't mix

Search the internet: Killer In The Pool - it presents the  background on all the events that lead up to the death of Dawn Brancheau working at  SeaWorld Orlando.

Killer Controversy: Why orcas should no longer be kept in captivity – This is a report from Humane Society is  like a legal indictment about the entire marine-mammal display industry, including the orca shows. A must-read if you  really want to understand the issues of keeping the orcas in captivity.

Death at SeaWorld – It's a paperback book for the skeptical,....those who think Killer Whale shows are perfectly fine. It's altogether the law, politics, science, and activism that surround this continuing saga.

There are Anti-Captivity Groups that you can connect with

A number of nonprofit organizations, both small and large, work to improve conditions for captive orcas, with their goal of  one day securing their release to a sea sanctuary or, if possible, the ocean itself.
Naturally, they all need your financial support, but there are other things that you can do to help, like:
*event planning,  *fundraising,* petition drives, and *publicizing their efforts via social media, etc.

Work the Media
Since trainer Brancheau was killed by the orca Tilikum in February 2010, the national and international press is increasingly interested in the issue.

With the release of "Blackfish", coverage should be continuing.  You could organize a screening, sponsor a talk by a well-known killer whale expert, or even hold a debate in your home town and invite any press. You can also write to the editor of your local news paper and express your opposition based on all that you have now learned.


Help free Shamu
Some groups are working specifically to win freedom for these orcas, while others are working to allow all captive orcas to retire to the sea sanctuaries, and then they could live out the rest of their lives in relative peace, without having to constantly perform for tourists. Keep an eye out at pro-orca websites (see below) for calls for official public comment on issues that relate to their rehab, retirement, or even release of killer whales. Go ahead and contact these organizations, and others, to find out just how you can help right now to get these beautiful creatures out of their tanks.

Almost all of the captive orcas today, have been born in captivity first and then separated from their family, so their survival may not be sucessfull if they were released right out into the open ocean. However, there are a few killer whales that would be good candidates for release. After a period of rehabilitation in netted-off sea pens, they may be able to reunite with their families.

Among these good candidates for release are:
Lolita who is at the Miami Sequarium, and Morgan, who is claimed by SeaWorld, but lives in the Canary Islands, Spain, at Loro Parque. Then there is also Corky at the SeaWorld California
The idea is to get freedom for all the orcas, and not have to perform for tourists.

Watch for pro-orca websites where you can make public comments on the issues that relate to retirement, rehab, or release of these orcas.
Contact these organizations now and find out how you can help get the killer whales out of these tanks!:
Animal Legal Defense Fund, Nonhuman Rights Project, Humane Society International

Ok, that's more than 6 ideas! Who's counting, .....lets add more ways that you can help............

Lobby Your Government
Currently, killer whales are kept captive in Texas, California, Florida, Canada, Spain, France, Argentina, and Japan. But more countries have outright banned the practice of keeping whales captive and the number of countries joining the ban is growing!
Violations of national laws and regulations have been documented by critics as substandard living conditions, inter-animal violence, inappropriate pool sizes, pools without sun protection, long periods of isolation and others.

For captive orcas in North America, you can express your concern and opposition to conditions at: (copy and paste to your browser)
And for Canada, you can comment on conditions at Marineland Ontario, here:
(copy and paste to your browser)
There is surprisingly little enforcement, as their animal welfare regulations in Canada are slim.

Make Sure They Hear Your Voice

Protest. Stage a demonstration outside a facility of captive orcas, and hold up posters, hand out flyers to patrons going in and out and educate them tourists about whales in captivity.
And if that is not quite your style, you can always pass out leaflets outside movie theaters showing the new movie Blackfish.
Arrange a public art exhibition at an office, school or art space and let people express their own opposition to the captive whale business.

Here's a good one if you have some extra cash of your own, do like PETA is doing, and buy some stock in SeaWorld and then you can attend the stockholders meetings and express your opposition to Shamu's pathetic artificial world.
And finally, you can sign the petition we have for you here asking SeaWorld to stop its killer whale  breeding program. Every time one of us signs this petition, an email is sent to the SeaWorld Company. Again, please copy and past this url into your browser and then sign



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