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Scrub Tops Styles And Patterns

Notice: Our Mock-Wrap, Cross-over and Empire Waist styles have changed.
We will no longer be sewing the Mock Wraps or the Empire Waist as  we have come up with a new pattern to take their place, and although the fit and pattern of the mock wrap is exactly the same, the trim will not be placed the same as on the old mock wrap and cross-over scrub tops.  With all of the hundreds of fabrics we have for custom made scrubs, it would be very difficult and time consuming to remove the  "Mock-wrap"  and "Empire Waist" off of every single scrub top fabric that we offer. Starting in mid-August of 2014, mock-wraps  and empire waists will no longer be sewn here and all orders for mock wraps  and empire waists will be sewn as "cross-overs"
Remember, ......the new style cross-over will fit identically as the old style and you can even choose the option of having the tie-backs added on to your new scrub top. What will we call this new style? We'll call it our Cross-over style.

Also, we are no longer doing our Empire Waist style. If there are still fabrics of ours that offer the Empire Waist, it will be done as a  cross-over style. And you can request back ties be added as well.

Custom made scrub tops isn't all of what we do at TopSpot4U. Pictured here on this page are just a few of the scrub top styles and patterns that we use, but this is not the limit of what we do. We sew pants, shirts, aprons, jackets, vests, pajamas/lounge wear, chef jackets, and chef pants, hand bags and totes, just to name a few items. If you have your own idea of what you would like to have custom made, feel free to e-mail us or call us and go over your idea with us. We will let you know if we can do it or not. There is also a form on this page, that you can use for any suggestions, ideas and questions.

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