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  Jan. 22, 2017 The Louisiana Black Bear, which happened to be the inspiration for the Teddy Bear, is in trouble! Legislation funded protection for the land that allowed the Louisiana Black Bear to come back from a close call with extinction. But........ congress let that expire in 2015!!

Here's how YOU can help...........

Louisiana Black Bear Scrubs

Copy and paste this  into your browser and sign the petition asking congress to reauthorize and fully fund the LWC Fund right away so essential conservation programs are not harmed. Our natural treasures need protection!
Add our new Louisiana Black Bear Animal Print Scrubs to your wardrobe. It's available in any size to 5X, from average, petite, and big and tall scrubs. Styles available are unisex classic v-neck scrubs, cross-over scrub tops, scrub jackets, aprons, and you can even order fabric by the yard. Wear this proudly and show where you stand with animals, as we use our store to try to help and make sure the world knows about the plight of abused and threatened animals – and to do everything in our power to help.

November 11, 2016
Nature friendly? Show your support on the plight of the honeybee with our new Beneficial Honeybee unique print scrubs fabric.
Nearly one-third of our crops—including many vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds—depend on bees for pollination and the bees are dying from bee killing pesticides. There is a petition to President Obama below, that you can copy and paste into your browser and sign.

As with all of our custom made unisex print scrubs, this one is available in plus size scrubs, tall scrubs, and in any style we offer. This print scrubs for men and women looks sharp paired with khaki, brown, or black Cherokee scrub pants!

   October 22, 2016
Here is our new Wolf  Howl At The Moon- animal print scrubs! At TopSpot4U, we have many passions when it comes to helping animals and saving the wolves is just one of them. So we are very proud to offer such beautiful fabrics depicting what we love. You can choose these gorgeous fabrics for custom made scrubs or choose from our Ready Made Scrubs section.
The wolf is in danger!
At TopSpot4U, we fight every day to help stop the wolf hunts!
Every time there is a victory that saves an endangered animal or saves a national park, it is a significant accomplishment, but some animals like these beautiful iconic symbols of the wild, the wolf,  are now once again in danger. It's crazy and how can that be? There have been remarkable recoveries and they are in serious danger once again!

The grey wolf for example is in peril! It has been trapped, poisoned and hunted for centuries. It is North America's most iconic native predator and used to be found throughout the whole United States.

The 1980's had only a few small packs of survivors in the U.S.
1995 brought efforts to multiply the gray wolf to the Northern Rockies and it was successful .
In 2005 we had 1,000 wolves accounted for.
And now.....3 states want aggressive slaughter.......  Montana, Wyoming, and even Idaho!

  Happy October 1st 2016
I love fall, and not just because today is "Cut Out Dissection" Month, but it is and that means we can get louder for animals killed for dissection in the classroom. Not only is dissection pointless and cruel, but there is not one medical school in the United States  - not even Yale nor Harvard that uses animals when training student doctors....not one school! Nobody learns anything from looking at a non beating heart of a dead frog. So now it's proven that no good comes from dissecting animals. BUT, now, since it's October we can cut into pumpkins and have a very different delicious trying some of those scrumptious looking recipes floating around on Facebook, like pumpkin spice lattes.
I remember back in school getting an "F" in Science class because I refused to dissect a frog. Animal rights activism has been in my blood for the longest time. I just won't say how long!


August 27, 2016 Linda Camac is a contributing writer
China--- a question---why can you not see the high quality traits of a dog? Do you not know that a dog has all of the virtues of a man and none of the vices?
Why are you blind to the beauty, the loyalty, and the friendship of dogs?
Why don't you know the history of how dogs helped shape man's progress?
Do you not know that the dog you wantonly put in a vat of boiling water alive, --leads the blind, aides the police, sniffs out the bombs that keep your air flight safe; rescues people who are buried in the rubble of natural and man made disasters; aides soldiers in war?
There is simply nothing we have asked of dogs that they have not enthusiastically done for us.
To dogs, we are the leaders of the pack, the alphas.
I have noted as you approach your fear-filled dogs and lead them to the boiling vat -- they don't even attempt to bite you -- not even at the moment you give them the most excruciating and last experience they will endure.
You must know they have a complex nervous system -- just like you do -- you must know that you are delivering unthinkable pain to the dogs you boil alive. The reason you use to defend this indefensible act of absurd cruelty is " the meat has a better taste if the dog suffers a lot".
First, that is an untrue statement because when an animal is suffering and fearful, the hormone adrenaline is released and saturates the tissues of the body -- that makes meat taste awful and tough and on a certain level you are absorbing the agony of the animal you victimize.
Even if torturing the dog and prolonging his death made his flesh taste better---that is a very flimsy, unethical, immoral reason to cause such a deliberate mountain of misery for that helpless and innocent animal.

After viewing the way you grill octopi alive, eat frogs alive, blow torch cats--I'm pretty sure you are just cruel for the sake of cruelty. You enjoy the intense suffering of other living beings and you enjoy putting animals in situations of complete and utter despair---that is the very personification of being a sadist.    Despicable.


 The sound of fireworks frighten and stress many animals, not just your pets.
There is a 30 to 60% increase in lost pets each year between July 4th and July 6th.
For animal shelters, July 5th is one of the busiest days of the year!
Make sure your pets are indoors and give them a place just for them where they can feel safe and play for them some soft calming music to help drown out the fireworks noise. Close the windows and have a fan running or the air conditioning.
Distract them with play time and treats. Make sure they have tags with up to date contact info in case they get out and get lost.

  Your dog isn't the only one upset by fireworks..........

Wildlife moms abandon their babies from panic brought on by fireworks and then become too disoriented to find their way back to their babies.

Fish and water birds parish after ingesting fireworks debris.

Birds, butterflies, small mammals and squirrels have been known to exhibit life threatening behavior as a result of the loud booms.

This summer, celebrate in a way that does no harm.  Celebrate without fireworks!

May 16, 2016
Sharing a world with birds, just like these Fine Feathered Friends - animal print scrubs with birds, takes a little respect and compassion.
Just the other day Western Scrub Jay nestlings lost their home because someone wanted to take a tree down that they lived in. If you want to clear brush and trim trees, just wait until the end of summer and beginning of winter, it's the perfect time and you can help keep songbirds safely together.
And did you even know that if you are trimming a tree and you spot an active nest in the tree you are trimming, you have to leave the nest alone and cease trimming? It's the law.
First week in May, a free-roaming cat killed the parents of 5 Western Bluebird nestlings that were only 24 hours old! What a shame. This is another way to show respect and compassion.....keep your cats contained! Containment is better for cats anyway.
Roaming cats wreak havoc on wildlife,......  in the spring entire clutches can be lost when the parents are killed. Please help spread awareness about an issue that has a very easy solution............ Keep your cats contained, always.
It's not the circle of life when people allow their domestic animals to roam free because these animals are not native and do not belong anywhere but the confines of the owners property. The people are at fault, not the cats! People, keep your animals contained!! And please... spay or neuter your pets!
And always buy your bird print scrubs from TopSpot4U Custom Made Scrubs, because we have the most unique print scrub top fabrics! Print scrubs for men and women because they are unisex and made from fade resistant 100% oh so comfy cotton.

October 25, 2015
Like our new animal print scrub top Dark N Dusty Summer Moon?
You can find it in our North American Animal Print Scrubs Page.
I have always loved crows, and remember a story my dad told me about someone he knew that had a crow for a pet and how intelligent he was.
When I lived out by the apple orchards, where there was a lot more room between the houses, I would go out every day no matter what the weather was and put food out for a family of crows. I don't know exactly if they were a "family" or just a flock but I knew they were the same crows everyday because one of them had a wing that hung down when perched in a tree or on the ground. He couldn't keep that wing up against him. That year there were 7 crows that would feed in my yard every day. Just 7, for a whole year. I thought for sure, they had to be the same 7 every day, as there were always 7, one with a non-compliant wing. I loved watching them crows come to eat, they always thought they found a gold mine.
One time, just the crow with the injured wing came for breakfast. He stood out there at the dish I had on the ground and he called and called for his flock members to come and eat, but none of the others showed up that day. I could see that he was not about leaving them old orange pumpkin cookies in that dish after the others never showed up. So after a while, it appeared to me that he decided to pack up the cookies 2 by 2 and plant them in the vacant lot across the street from me. It was more fun watching this with a pair of binoculars as I could see just what he was doing. He took each cookie and carefully buried it under the fallen leaves. He did this through the whole vacant lot and until he returned to find that he had emptied the dish.
The next day, I decided I wasn't putting any food out because only one of them showed up yesterday and he should know where he planted all those cookies, and if he had forgotten, then surely he would be able to smell them. I went about my business that morning but kept look out into the back yard in case they all showed up wanting food. Yes, I would have run some food out there as I don't think they would know what I was saying if I ran out there and told them the story about the orange cookies. None of them showed up that day. For the whole day I never seen any of the 7 crows but they came back the next day. That day I also didn't put any food out because they never showed up the day before. After discovering there was no new gold mine, right away, the hurt wing crow flew away towards the front of my house to the vacant lot and started calling for the others. They finally all flew across the street and were shown each and every cookie that he had planted 2 days prior. They all feasted on orange pumpkin cookies that were still dry as there had not been any rain, and don't forget.......I had binoculars, I could see every cookie crumble! Now mind you, that was back when I had a lot of free time on my hands.

 Really?  I JUST DON'T get it!! Pay big bucks and get your picture next to the gentle giant giraffe that you and the family just gunned down! There is a petition that YOU can sign to help ban trophy hunting.....see below.
April 19, 2015

TROPHY HUNTERS, PEDOPHILES , RAPISTS ..THEY ARE ALL SAME BREED OF SCUM Please sign the petition to ban trophy hunting of Giraffes.....just copy and paste this url into your browser and then you can sign this petition.......

In countries like Mali, Angol and Nigeria, the animals are near extinction!

Extinction is forever......But you can proudly wear your "trophy" with this Kendi-Safari African Print Scrub Top. Our newest addition.
David G. says: Absolute Scum! These people have no talent and they think that killing giraffes is some kind of sport. I curse every single one of these people!

Denise B. says: All trophy hunting should be banned. Why would anyone want to stand next to a beautiful dead animal that they have just murdered with a huge smile on their face defies all logic. Human populations are the ones out of control....not those of animals!

Susie S. says: They do this because they are sociopaths, and they are in love with the concept of murdering something which is stronger than they are. They are miserable serial killers!

Gail T. says: Susie S. you are exactly right!  That is what sociopaths do ! They  go after the vulnerable and weak. Taking down something bigger than they are gives them a big rush... And when they display their kill afterwards its  a clear sign that they possess sociopathic/narcissistic traits! Sociopaths swarm together because they feed each other,.....because the normal part of society does not get what they do....which is good actually.

Joanne T. says: Of course trophy hunting should be banned! So should people who enjoy taking the lives of other creatures. Trophy hunters are true sociopaths..... the worst of the worst.

  February 24, 2015
Can you save Tommy???? It appears as though he has lost hope in finding his furever home and a family to love him.
LEFT PICTURE: Tommy being photographed on February 11, 2015. He gave his greatest biggest smile to the photographers in HOPES of finding a forever loving home.
RIGHT PICTURE: As you can see, Tommy has lost hope in finding his forever family and home. He no longer has the desire to get up and meet anybody that walks in. He has lost hope in humans and in himself.
His due out date was February 18. He was still there today because he is such a sweet boy. Wishing on a miracle, that someone can call Orange County Animal Services and make arrangements to save Tommy!
***Animal ID: A311141, Room No.: WD77***
Tommy is approximately 2 years old and a red and white male. He is friendly and tested heartworm negative. He weighs approximately 65 pounds. He has been at Orange County Animal Services since Tuesday, February 10, 2015

January 22, 2015
TopSpot4U is now making lap blankets to benefit the homeless dogs and cats. They will be raffled off at adoption events and the monies get divided up between the rescues participating in the events. After continuously sewing custom made scrubs, the blankets are a fun change of pace.

Even if a person is not looking to adopt they can still find something to do at this event. There will be $20.00 micro-chipping, photos with your pets, animal item vendors, and chances to win raffle baskets with awesome items. What else is there to do on a winter day? This event benefits the non-profit rescues and gives extra exposure to the homeless dogs and cats with an extra chance at adoption.

We will also be making our blankets available for custom orders. You will be able to design your own lap blanket.......front, back and trim!

China! Can you ever just run out of cruel ideas??  1-10-15
China is a low-down dirty culture of animal cruelty, and nothing has a value in China unless they can think of a way to make a penny off of it.  If no one in America bought anything from China, they would sink.. not to mention, they killed how many dogs and cats with their poison food and treats.. why the HECK does anyone continue to buy that "stuff"??
  Ok, so...beggers in China chop off the legs of camels to use as a begging prop, and supposedly used to use I haven't read about but I did read about the camels and it just sickens and infuriates me! The beggers in China do this to impress pedestrians, so they will drop money in the beggers can. They think it looks like the camel is begging. It does NOT look like it's begging to me! It looks as though his legs were brutally chopped off!
This picture was taken in Fuzhou, in southeast China, but you can now see this spectacle nationwide.
The camel is supposed to be a strictly protected species, and even if it weren't it would not be acceptable to do this.
The Gobi desert has only 600 camels left as of April 2014 and the Mongolian desert has about 800 camels left.
There was a petition that you could sign urging that action be taken by authorities and that these poor camels be rescued and receive the medical attention they need, but the petition is now closed.
China aims to be the number one power and yet allows all these cruel atrocities to happen. It is just sickening!


 November 16, 2014
Name And Shame
this Brazilian thug who destroyed this horse and then posted the video online bragging about it.
A nationwide effort is needed to catch him and TopSpot4U is happy to post his picture in hopes that someone can name this rotten cruel worthless scum of a human.
The photo is facebook viral and his face is clear, and someone has to be able to identify him. The petition below urges a national manhunt for Brazilian authorities to catch this creep. His actions cannot be imagined by a human, and he does not deserve his freedom. Please sign and share this petition as wide as possible in hopes of catching him. We do not recommend watching the video... we have not included it.
You can copy and paste this URL into your browser to sign the petition. Please and thank you.

  November 13, 2014
Help us call on the UN to demand the Chinese government  ban the sale and manufacture of key chains and jewelry which contain live animals.
They call them "lucky charms". You have a living creature dying on your is that lucky?
This is China's newest fashion jewelry......animals that live in plastic which contains a liquid nutrient and oxygen, for 2 months of life!!
This should be condemned by the international community for it's cruelty. This is incredibly sad and inhumane and the child smiling in the background is even more disturbing.
Please.....Petitions do work. Never stand silent!  Copy and paste this url into your browser to sign the petition. Thank you!!

October 10, 2014
Who DOES that?! Who IS that?!?
She obviously wants attention. She killed a majestic animal so she could have her picture taken with it. She took the life of this beautiful creature for what? Who is this? Somebody out there in this world knows her name......let's give her a name!
We need to start a letter-writing campaign and / or boycott of South Africa tourism and a petition to shut down these vile 'canned hunts', that only serve to satiate the sadistic tendencies of rich, callous sociopaths---they pick from a menu of majestic animals that they can have fun killing for twisted thrills.
Don't know what a "canned hunt" is? The animals that were forced to participate in a canned hunt are confined to an area, like a fenced in area, which increases the likelihood of a kill by the KILLER.
What does she do now, ......bury it, mount it on the wall, eat giraffe, save the skin? Sick and twisted.



Houston, Texas area:
Gwinn and Rowdy have been waiting for a home of their own for OVER 7 YEARS!! These beautiful dogs were left at a boarding facility by the owner, and he never returned to pick them up. The boarding facility took care of them for the last 7 years trying to find them a home, but that home never came. Gwinn and Rowdy are extremely bonded to each other and need to find a home together. These dogs have been networked for the last 7 years, and for 7 years nobody has come forward to adopt least not in the Houston Texas area. The owner of the facility will not let them leave the area. There has got to be somebody in the big city of Houston and surrounding area that has room in their heart and home for these two beautiful creatures!

  If you can help by opening your heart and home, please contact

V6714WIND - Rescue Me! -Veterinary Dog Scrubs
VD6714ARWIND - Adopt And Rescue - Dog Scrubs
VC6714ARWIND - Adopt And Rescue - Cat Scrubs
VC6714WIND - Here Kitty Kitty Veterinary Cat Scrub Tops
So, it's said that some researchers at Princeton University, in Princeton New Jersey, used one of their monkeys......a marmoset, for sadistic entertainment instead of research. A whistle-blower, wishing to be anonymous, claims that employees from Princeton laboratory, placed this monkey in an exercise ball meant for a small ferret and rolled the monkey down the hallway in the ball, for some laughs. I don't think anybody needs to explain the discomfort and fear  the monkey would have experienced because we all know that this is just not right!
All ethics of animal testing aside right now, as it is an issue of it's own, these researchers receive money for animal experiments in the hopes that discoveries will be found to better mankind. They don't receive the money so it's employees can abuse the animals for fun............(don't forget, I'm putting the ethics of animal testing aside for now).  Princeton University is currently investigating this incident. You can sign the petition which urges the administration to expel all parties that are responsible for this incident and to train their staff better, to make sure that abuse like this never happens again! No more scrub tops and lab coats for Princeton University!
August 4, 2014
PETITION:  copy and paste:

March 18, 2014

Boycott those icky sticky glue traps!!

They may be sold for mice and rats but the glue traps will trap anything.

   TopSpot4U is proud to be the work-wear clothier for the famous Victoria Beasley, founder of 2X2 Rescue in Northwest Indiana. She's pictured here with the now famous....Buster, who is on a diet, and you can read his sad story about how he came to 2X2 Rescue and received his second chance at life by copying and pasting this URL......  
Buster's foster dad has him on a diet to lose 20 pounds by April 1st, 2014

 Buster has his own facebook page. Check it out here.....   again, just copy and paste it in your URL

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