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Donna, thanks so much for the excellent work and professionalism you have given me. I will get a picture to you wearing the top I asked you to send me by the 1st of April. The top I have now is my favorite, and believe me, I have many 'store bought' that I plan to give away. After wearing yours there is no comparison to the quality and fit. It's also awesome how simple it is to communicate with you!.......Cee Cee Silchuk......Smyrna, TN

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Dr. Vera Maria Eckmann - Veterinarian from Muenster Germany

  Our customer Dr. Christopher J. Michos from Easton, Connecticut wearing TopSpot4U cartoon printed scrub top........ Rocky And Bullwinkle.

Dr. Michos has been an ER physician for 17 years and is known for wearing his colorful and unique scrub tops. In fact, his scrub tops were featured on an episode of Untold Stories of the ER. Another fact is that our  printed scrub tops make our customers smile from ear to ear, just like Dr. Michos!

Thank you for sharing this picture with us!


Hi, Donna!
The new scrub was waiting for me when I returned from my Route 66 trip and, as I thought, it brought back great memories of some of the quirky sights I saw along the way.  I love it!
As promised, here is a photo of my friend, Bob (Satterfield from California), and me (from the Chicago area) at the end of Route 66 with the "reunited" Route 66 scrubs that TopSpot4U made for us.  (My fellow travelers on the Route 66 tour were very jealous of this shirt -- as was one of the tour guides.)
Thank so much for adding that extra special touch to the trip!
-- Marcia Opal

As TopSpot4U always says......
"not just for nurses!"


I just received the two scrub tops I had ordered and I am THRILLED!!  -- I'm ECSTATIC!!! They are absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Much better quality and FAR better made than I have found anywhere!! I am SOOO excited about getting my new batch of scrubs, and can't wait! Thank you again for such an outstanding product and an ever greater bunch of people!  I think ya'll make the best freakin' scrubs on the planet!!!
Karen Kuhn of Pennsylvania.....wildlife rehab volunteer

Name = Deb Zachow
Comments = Hi Donna, I work in a nursing home. The residents always comment on my scrub tops that were made by you. They tell me all the time how beautiful they are.Thanks a lot for making them small enough to fit me as I have a hard time finding scrubs in the magazine to fit me.The choice of making it anyway I want it done is awesome as well.Thanks for being their to make scrubs for me that fit!!I also work with the mentally disturbed residents. There always grabbing my scrubs and pulling on them or trying to rip them. My scrubs never rip. They are sewn so well.
City/State =



Our Rocky and Bullwinkle scrub top worn by Bob Satterfield, with June Foray who did the voice for Rocky and so many other cartoon characters.  She is 95 years old in this picture!

Bob is the Activities Director at San Gorgonio High School

What a great picture!! everything...thanks so much! Love my scrub does everyone in my office.  This is the second time I have ordered from you and I will keep on!  Please keep me posted of new dog prints as I work in a vet's office!
Thanks again!
Tammy Millis

I just wanted to let you know that I just got the Jungle Snakes shirt, and I LOVE it!! The pattern is fantastic, and the quality and sewing looks better than my store bought scrub top. Thanks again for your fantastic service, I won't hesitate to get more shirts from you in the future :)
Chanel (Ontario, Canada)

Donna, You are amazing!!! The coat is beautiful and fits me perfectly! You really have no idea how much I love it.
You are truly a talented woman!
I cannot thank you enough!  Sonya Rae  Fronsoe

 OMG!! They arrive today and they are absolutely breathtaking!
The workmanship and brilliance of the fabrics is more than I could have expected. It's going to be hard to pick the first one to wear on Monday.
I'll be back! Your stuff is the best that I have EVER found!
For now, please accept my most sincere compliments on a job well done.
Dr. Michael Fitzgerald, DVM
Kenner, Louisianna


We wanted to send you a picture of us in our new scrub tops. We love the wide variety of prints you have for us to choose from. Your scrubs are good quality, and we've never had a seam come undone. They are comfortable, colorful, they wash and wear great, you take requests,.......and your service is with a smile!
Cathy and Kim, Transcription Department
Happy Birthday Margie!!
Our customer Cindy, from Hampton, Virginia says......."I'm sending you a picture of my mom in her new p.j.'s.......she really likes them. She thought they were store bought and couldn't believe that someone actually sat down at a sewing machine and made all this.

Donna, I wanted to advice you that I received the scrub tops and I'm so pleased with the work that you have done........ As an officer in the U.S. Military and a provider in the VA, I will wear your scrub tops and show them off proudly. Thanks again, for making me the best scrub tops that I have ever owned.   For God and Country!
LT Figueroa - Staff Specialist
U.S. Army Reserve
338 Medical Brigade


No rush!!! I really do need the hats because we are a team, 2 ICU doctors and 2 nurses, and we do a lot of sterile procedures requiring the hats. Our patients and/or their families love our matching scrubs and hats! I have gotten several sets of tops and hats from you and we all just love them!! Thank you so much. Even one smile from a sick patient or frightened family makes us grateful for the wonderful scrubs you make!!
Thanks so much! Dr. Gwen - Akron, Ohio


 I received the scrub tops yesterday.  They are beautiful!!!  I can hardly wait for the Easter Patterns to come out:):)
They were nicely folded and all I did was hang them and they are ready to wear for the weekend.  They material is
soft and everything about them is a total professional job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks again for having one last horse pattern for me!!!!!!!!!!!  Its my favorite!!!
Holly Christian

Animals 1st

Donna, I wore your top to work today and I just have to tell you that  one thing I noticed (besides how great it LOOKED and FIT!) is the wonderful quality. I appreciate the double stitched pockets or whatever you do to make them strong. I love this top so much I would really like to have another one exact same pattern and size in the muscle car fabric (black background.) Would you prefer me to just order it again thru your website? Also, could you let me know if you ever get any Las Vegas or slot machines patterns? Thanks again, you make VERY nice scrubs and I am still working on that pic for you!
Janet Hipp
(Yorktown Virginia)

Hi Donna..Got the "Island Creatures" scrub top in the mail today. I absolutely loveeeeeee it & very pleased !! I will defentily be coming back to order from you.
Penny Plaisance  Lumberton, MS. 39455

Donna, I just wanted to let you know I loved my scrub tops!! The quality is excellent. I can't tell you how many of my scrub tops got holes in the pockets at the seams! This will never happen with your double stitching.
My staff all wanted one! So that explains the new order. Also, I belong to a veterinary community across the US I am going to post a note about how great the quality is, so if you see a increase in vets you will know why!
Sue Fluhr, DVM (Glendale, Wisconsin)  
LOVE the scrubs! Thanks so much. You'll hear from me again!
Elizabeth Mackey, DVM
The Boss mustang scrub top is awesome! Thanks for adding the extra inch too. Will try to send a pic.
Sharon Patton, Weatherford, Texas

Donna, you are GENIOUS! I just recieved the package and cannot believe how wonderful it all looks. Fantastic, great job...perfect. Thank you, thank you! I'm going to send a bunch more business your way.
Chana Eisenstein, DVM        Nov. 27, 2007

I just wanted to let you know how much I like the scrub tops that I just got last week.  I have received many compliments!!  I am sure that I will enjoy them.  Also, thanks for the extra one that you sent for not havine one print, that was very sweet.  I will certainly be checking back to order more in the future.
Melanie Smith, DVM (Chapel Hill, NC)

OH my Gosh!  We love the scrubs!  They are soooooooo cute!  Thank you so much!
I cant wait for my paw print one!  We have them all in the washer at work and will be wearing them tomorrow! 
We will definitely be buying  more scrubs from you for sure  :)
Trudy    A Place For Pets   Resort and Spa

I have gotten a number of compliments after ordering your scrubs.  Would you be willing to make scrubs with the fabric I provide and what would you want to charge?  Thank you, Sallee (from Fallon, NV)

Hi,I received my bulldog print scrub top and I LOVE IT!!!  Perfect fit!  If you ever come across any cute bully prints like that, let me Know if you can. Thank you very Much!!
Teri Ellingwood     
Topsham, Maine

Thanks so much Donna, the scrub tops are wonderful. You did a great job. I appreciate the great service which seems to be a rare thing these days.
I will definately recommend you and hand out your cards when everyone admires my tops, as I know they will!!  thank you! - Sharon (from Hayes, VA)

Hi Donna. I received the scrub tops today and I am happy with the way they fit. At first glance I thought they looked big and would need a hot dryer. LOL.... but once I tried them on they were a good fit. I always wear a shirt underneath, so that takes up some room. I know you worked hard on them and I appreciate it. I'll be ordering some pants to match next. Cindy, (from Hampton, VA)

Donna, I got the scrub tops in the mail this afternoon, and I just love them. I will try and send out some more fabric next week. Rebecca (from Farmville, VA)

Hey I got my scrub tops today and I love them. You did such a great job. Thank you so much..........jayme (Hearne, Texas)

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT Thank you so much. You are an Artist. Thanks and have a great holiday. My wife works in Pediatric INtensive care the kids will love it too. Thanks Tom (from Illinois)

Donna, Just wanted to let you know my scrubs arrived today and I am very very Happy with them. Thanks for the cards by the way! Ok ill let you get back to work once again thanks Im very pleased and I will order from you again in the future, happy belated New Year,  Dee (Indianapolis, IN)

thank you looking forward to wearing it. I loved the last one you made
and gave your card and e-mail address to several co-workers. thank you

My new order came and they are all perfect!  Thanks so much for your prompt attention, understanding, and generosity.  Thanks again,  Pam (Oregon)
Oh my gosh, I got the scrub top today.......and it is just great! Thank you so much.
Wendy (Searcy, Arkansas)
I received the shirt in the mail today.  LOOKS GREAT!!!  It also fits good.  I would like to thank you again for everything.  You will be hearing from me in the future.  I am very satisfied.  Besides passing out your business cards, if there is anything I can do, please let me know. Thanks again....Dan (Wisconsin)
 Hi Donna! I got my jacket today and I LOVE it!!!!  I actually would like one more exactly like it if you still have material.  I especially like the cuff material and the color is SOOO perfect with my olive green scrubs!  
I love the colors in the dice and if you find things with those same colors and maybe dark burgundies and
black mixed in I would like that too.  thanks again,  Shirley  (Eugene, OR)

Donna, I received my tops and I love them the quality of your work is amazing. I will be placing another order for more tops very soon. I love some of the swatches that you sent me along with my order and i am soooo looking forward to you adding them to the web site so i can place my next order. I will gladly spread the word about where i got my tops from. The tops fit perfect and i love the 3 pocket option that you offer which the store brand don't offer. You now have one more satisfied dedicated happy customer  David (Sinking Spring, PA)

Hi, Donna!
James got his big cats scrub and was SOOOO excited  with it! It fit GREAT!
He is checking on when he gets to wear it!
We will be in touch!   Many thanks again!   d3

You have my patience, I am in no rush to get my order I do understand that you are busy and have many other customers ordering from you soooo please don't feel rushed. I love the job that you did on the tops that I ordered from you, i had no problem with shrinking or fading and most of all I still get great compliments on them.  i'm a very happy customer that will be a returning customer and i want you to do well so i will always have a place to go for new and different scrubs that everyone else won't be wearing..........Thank you sooo very much for doing the extra top i am already looking forward to seeing what new prints you get and placing my next order.
David (Sinking Spring, PA)

Hi Donna,
I wanted you to know that I received the scrub top today, and delivered it to my son-in-law. He absolutely loved it!!  You would have thought he found a $500 bill lying on the sidewalk, he was so happy!
Thanks again for your excellent workmanship and exceptional service.
Elizabeth Warsow (Maryville, TN)
Hi Donna,  It's PERFECT and I LOVE IT to pieces! It looks great and was a hit when I wore it.
Thanks a million,   Rhiannon

Name = Beth
Comments = My glittery girly skull top came today, and I wore it to work tonight!  I LOVE IT and got so many compliments on it!  THANKS!
City/State = Clayton, IL
All is well and received the scrubs today.  They are awesome and I brought them to my son.  He loved them.  He is going to try them on this evening and show some of the nurses at the Long term care facility he works at.  Perhaps you will get a few more orders.  I know that he was asking for a camoflauge scrub shirt for the future.  YOu do fantastic work.
Thanks so much
Connie Lento
Hallo Donna, I receided everything today. They are perfect. Thank you very much   Dr. Paola Scapin from Italy

just wanted to let you know that the "football"scrub top I just ordered has come and I have received MANY compliments on it. Very nicely made and I love the generous cut as i work in a dental office w/handicapped and pediatric patients.
Julie Umstead

Dear Donna Schiller,
I am currently basking in the awesome gorgeousness of what is my new celestial scrub top.  I am in absolute LOVE with it.  THANK YOU!!!  I look forward to ordering from you again soon!   
Destiny Mattocks  


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