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Our customer Bob Satterfield who is the activities director for San Gorgonio High School in California, went to the Space Fest in Tuscon and got some awesome pictures for us. The print scrub top Satterfield is wearing is from our Celestial Print Scrubs section and features the image of Bruce McCandless former American astronaut pictured on the left. The scrub top image depicts the first ever un-tethered free flight back in 1984 that was done by McCandless who has had 2 space missions. So while at the space fest, Satterfield met McCandless and got this great picture for us.
Satterfield also had the pleasure of meeting Mike Collins who is also a former American Astronaut who has flown into space twice and is the very first astronaut who has performed more than one extravehicular activity. Collins was the Command Module pilot back when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made the first landing on the moon......Apollo 11.
Satterfield now has the coolest print scrubs and he sure puts them to good use. Thank you for the photos!



Brittany Houtchens is happily wearing her new cotton floral printed lab coat.
Brittany  is a nurse practitioner with Stuart Cardiology Group.


Pictured is DJ Butler, a future veterinarian.

Victoria Beasley, founder of 2X2 Rescue....with Buster

Here is a photo of the Scandinavian-themed scrub TopSpot4U made for me ... I'm posing with a rune stone replica at Jelling, Denmark, an archaeological and UNESCO World Heritage site. (My luggage for this journey through Denmark and Sweden was filled with scrubs ... my favorite travel wear.) Thanks again for creating the perfect shirts for my trip! -- Marcia (Opal, Algonquin, IL)

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