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Horse Print Scrub Tops - Veterinary Scrubs

Animal scrub tops with horses! Who can have a printed scrub top wardrobe without horses? Want mens print scrubs?.....right here! All of our V-neck scrub tops are unisex sizing. Want unique horse print scrubs?......choose a contrasting print for the "V" and the pockets, from any of our scrub top fabrics.

Shenandoah Animal Scrubs With Horses

AH81315SC - Shenandoah Animal Scrubs With Horses

Your price: $35.99

Home On The Range Horse Scrub Tops

AH1614ES - Home On The Range Horse Scrub Tops

Your price: $35.99

American Wildlife Animal Print Scrubs

A6913 - American Wildlife Animal Print Scrubs

Your price: $33.99

As the new work week approaches, you don't want to leave our newest southwest horse printed scrub top, Painted Desert, hanging in your closet.
Warm and casual like a handcrafted Navajo blanket, Painted Desert Horse Scrub Tops feature colors influenced by the culture of the land and the native people.
The southwest style highlights earthy, warm tones of sun-baked sagebrush, desert sands and just enough contrasting creamy grey to cool you off.
Painted Desert can be sewn up into any style we offer, and any length you choose....from scrub tops and jackets to pants and pajamas, taking you from cool to caliente! This southwest scrub top print is currently in stock.

Palomino Horse Heads Scrub Tops and Jackets

AH13114A - Palomino Horse Heads Scrub Tops and Jackets

Your price: $34.99
Winter In Michigan - Holiday Horse Scrub Tops

AH11114 - Winter In Michigan - Holiday Horse Scrub Tops

Your price: $35.99
Thunder Ridge Runners - Horse Print Scrub Tops

AH11413D - Thunder Ridge Runners - Horse Print Scrub Tops

Your price: $35.99

was 29.99
 Take a tour through the American Southwest with A Bit Of 'Ol Southwest --Printed Scrub Tops. This fabric depicts the beauty of Native American culture with patterns of horses galloping through the desert, gorgeous hand made pottery and blankets displaying the southwest in all it's glory. Saddle up, throw on those riding boots and order some spectacular scrub tops, in your favorite scrub top design. Choose your pocket placement well enough to hold a camera because the sunsets in this scrub top fabric is just that awesome!


AH061 - Ponderosa

Retail Price: $30.99
Your price: $25.99

Out On A Range

AH15757 - Out On A Range

Your price: $35.99

Land Of The Free - Patriotic Horse Printed scrubs

PAH81014 - Land Of The Free - Patriotic Horse Printed scrubs

Your price: $35.99

Out to Pasture

AH5755 - Out to Pasture

Your price: $35.99

Santa Fe Running Free

AH12112 - Santa Fe Running Free

Your price: $34.99

Wild in Snow

VET5712 - Wild in Snow

Retail Price: $32.99
Your price: $25.00

Blessed Are They

AH62612 - Blessed Are They

Your price: $35.99

Thunder Ridge - Horse Print Scrub Tops

AH11413B - Thunder Ridge - Horse Print Scrub Tops

Your price: $35.99

Horse Heads Scrub Tops and Jackets

AH13114 - Horse Heads Scrub Tops and Jackets

Your price: $29.99

American Heritage Sunset

AHUM9312 - American Heritage Sunset

Your price: $35.99

Southwest Point Of View --Horse Print Scrub Tops

AH61113 - Southwest Point Of View --Horse Print Scrub Tops

Retail Price: $34.99
Your price: $28.99

Moonlight On Thunder Ridge - Horse Print Scrub Tops

AH11413C - Moonlight On Thunder Ridge - Horse Print Scrub Tops

Your price: $35.99

Wild Winter - Horse Print Scrub Tops

AH112014 - Wild Winter - Horse Print Scrub Tops

Your price: $35.99

A Bit Of 'Ol Southwest --Printed Scrub Tops

IU81213 - A Bit Of 'Ol Southwest --Printed Scrub Tops

Your price: $29.99

River's Bend -- Horse Printed Scrub Tops

AH116F2SC - River's Bend -- Horse Printed Scrub Tops

Your price: $35.99

Painted Desert - Horse Printed Scrub Tops

AH112214A - Painted Desert - Horse Printed Scrub Tops

Your price: $29.99

 We have The Horse Lovers Scrub Top!.......Under The Willow Horse Scrub Tops
Saddle up and get ready for all the compliments when you wear this awesome spirited horse printed scrub top. This is an all-over print on front and back. Includes luscious green foliage and pure blue drinking water under weeping willow trees.
The refreshing colors in this invigorating scrub top is reminiscent of summers gone by and it's just begging for attention. Choose your style and size because it's in stock now and will be made just for you!


TopSpot4U is your leading manufacturer  and top spot 4 Horse Print Scrub Tops. We have a wide variety of 100% comfortable cotton fabrics for any style of horse print scrubs imaginable. You don't have to be a veterinary technician, to love our horse print you can see we have the biggest selection. Sit back in your easy chair while shopping our site, and decide which style is best for you. No matter what style you choose, you can pick the same fabric, and add a matching jacket. Don't wear uniforms? Pick one of our horse prints and tell us what you would like custom made with it. We do tote bags, sleepwear/loungewear, scrub pants, bowling shirts, doggie bandanas..............whatever you choose. If you can think it, we can custom make it.

Featured is our classic v-neck animal print scrub top on the left, and our Fit4U Slender animal print scrub top on the right.


You wear horse print scrub tops, so you must love horses as much as we do. We say, "Boycott Carriage Rides".
The harsh reality of the life of a carriage horse, is that horses simply are not meant to work in dangerous midtown traffic!


 Boycott Carriage Rides

Lea Michele Exposes The Cruelty of Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides

Lea Michele, the Glee actor has been  raising her voice against the horse-drawn carriage cruelty.  The native New Yorker also posed with a rescued horse for a gorgeous peta2 ad to help spread the message that horses don't belong in traffic . In an undercover video, Lea exposes the cruel conditions  these overworked horses are subjected to throughout the whole day.

"Imagine for a moment that you re forced to do hard physical labor all day, all seven days a week—whether it's sweltering hot or freezing cold outside," Lea says. "At the end of the day, instead of relaxing on [an] easy chair or sleeping in a comfortable bed, you are locked in a tiny closet all night long." Horses used to pull carriages, lead a tortured life and that is the sad reality!

During the workday, these horses are forced into dangerous traffic,  developing respiratory ailments from inhaling the exhaust fumes and debilitating leg problems from pounding the hard pavement all day. They are constantly weaving between cars and are often spooked by all the loud noises on the streets.  Accidents then occur in which  horses and people are seriously injured and even killed. When the horses are not working, they are confined to cramped stalls, unable to turn around, let alone stretch their legs, or  lie down comfortably. Never ride a horse drawn carriage.  Join Lea and many, many others and  boycott horse-drawn carriages!

For more information and/or take action,  you can visit
Abused 'Til Their Dying Day
Under the Animal Welfare Act, horses have no federal protection, so the responsibility is on local animal control officials for looking out for horses' welfare. But anti-cruelty laws provide few safeguards to these horses, and many humane authorities  don't have the resources or even the time to monitor horse-drawn carriages  to ensure that horses are not being overworked and that the operators are following their  regulations.
       When horses grow too old, tired, or become ill and cannot continue pulling heavy loads, they aren't retired to beautiful green pastures and loving homes, as many people are led to, or would like to believe. It's too costly  to maintain a permanent sanctuary for these countless numbers of horses who have broken down in this industry. Instead, many of these worn-out horses are slaughtered and turned into canned dog food,  or used for carnivores in zoos, and even shipped overseas for human consumption.
What You Can Do
If you live in a city where carriage rides are still allowed, you can contact your local legislators to ask them  if they will sponsor a ban. Many cities—including Palm Beach, Key West, and Treasure Island, Florida; Biloxi, Mississippi;  London, England; and Paris, France —have already banned horse-drawn carriages.


Learn how you can help halt the abuse of horses used by the racing industry...........
Every once in a while someone will ask me why I am against the horse racing industry, and while I use this website to advocate......................
Remember watching in horror as Eight Belles was ridden to her death at the Kentucky Derby? She was being whipped by her jockey as she ran out on the hard dirt track and then she finally collapsed after she crossed the finish line where she immediately snapped both of her ankles! Where she lay in the dirt in total pain, she was euthanized. She was a victim of the dirty little secret of thoroughbred racing. Eight Belles' tragic accident was no freak breakdown! The horse racing industry is responsible for 1,000 fatal horse accidents each year alone, on U.S. race tracks. There is little to prevent this type of tragedy.
Animal organizations have changed the media coverage of horse racing so that injuries and death can no longer be ignored. There are now congressional hearings to expose the cruelty that the racing industry tries so hard to hide. They even now have some of the abusers and whistle blowers working with the animal organizations, fighting for more vital reforms, like:

*Banning all drugs that push horses beyond their limits
*Softer tracks to protect vulnerable horse bones and joints
*A ban on whips
*Ban on racing young horses without fully formed strengthened legs
*Ban the practice of shipping thoroughbreds overseas, where they end up in a dog food can

Horse racing has been misnamed "the sport of kings" because naming it "the sport of butchers" would be more accurate. Horse owners sell their horses to slaughterhouses when they no longer win races, and trainers give the horses drugs to run until they drop, wreck their health or break their legs. The hardest track surface is what the industry leaders prefer because it pounds the most speed out of the horses even though it breaks the most bones,  it brings the greedy the most profit. We have to stop these greedy people from tormenting animals and using them for peoples entertainment! They need us. The whipping, doping, and killing won't stop without our help.
Stand up and help halt the abuse of horses used by the racing industry.  If you see a petition to help horses.....sign it! And never, ever attend a horse race.

TopSpot4U has more horse print scrubs than anybody on the internet. We love horses and all their beauty and we know you do too, and everybody who can wear printed scrub tops to work, want to wear and show off their passion. We know that and try to provide the best fabric for your unique printed scrub tops.

When making a difference counts and you want to wear your best unique style during your workdays, you can find a scrub that you love and feel good in........right here at TopSpot4U. The choice is yours as far as style goes..........we can copy one of your tops that you send us, we can make empire waist, short sleeve button front scrubs, jackets, mock wrap scrubs, cross over style scrubs, and all in any length you want.

Sit back, grab your coffee and browse through our unique scrub tops pages. Have any questions about scrubs? Just e-mail us or call us.

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Name = Hrslady
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Comments = We are spreading via social network for others to come visit your website. Your stance on the carriage horses is spot on! 

From RowdyDumCowGirl .....I love horse print scrubs from your company! You have many super cute designs. I can truly support an organization that stands up and is not afraid to speak their mind. The carriage companies claim to be horse lovers just as I am........if they were, they wouldn't be making their money on the backs of innocent animals. I truly appreciate your activism and wish more people were like you! .......Julie

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Comments =  I will urge all R.N`s, L.P.N`s and C.N.A.`s to make it a point to visit your website, your scrubs are AWESOME. Boycott carriage rides!!

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