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Ocean, Sea Life Print Scrubs A.K.A. Dental Scrubs

All underwater adventures come to 100% cotton scrubs
Relax and sooth your patients with tranquil sea life, ocean theme scrubs, custom made in the USA

Did you know?..........The gender of the sea turtle depends on what temperature the sand is when the egg is incubating!
The leatherback has a leathery skin over a bony plate and is the only sea turtle without a hard shell. They can weigh up to 1,500 pounds!
Help restore oceans and help marine wildlife......type "helping sea turtles" in your browser and sign the petitions. Petitions really work!
Our 100% comfy cotton Seahorses And Turtles Animal Print Scrub Top will be your favorite, and you can have the scrub top custom made into any style and length you choose.

Are you thinking about our Shark Print Scrub Top?  Did you know, in your lifetime, you are 15 X  more likely to be killed by a plain 'ol coconut falling, than by a shark? But yet, everybody fears the shark and not the coconut!
Purchase our shark print scrub top and pair it with black scrub pants or just about any shade of grey.  Order this comfy cotton print scrub top well in advance of Shark Week so you have something to wear.
Oh, and by the way, you are 75 times more likely to be struck and killed by lightening, than by the SHARK!


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