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Faux Animal Skins........It's what makes your Animal Print Scrubs wardrobe complete.

Wild Side Leopard Animal Print Scrubs

120755RK - Wild Side Leopard Animal Print Scrubs

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Animal Skin Print Scrubs zebra

AAS2251052 - Animal Skin Print Scrubs zebra

Your price: $35.99

Animal lovers are always on the hunt for new exciting unique printed scrub tops, and that means we have to keep hunting too, to bring you the newest prints....... cute and cuddly or fierce and ferocious.

Let these faux animal skins reflect your wild side!

Perhaps you would like to design your own style that you don't see at TopSpot4U. Or if you have one in your closet that you would like us to copy, just send it to us and we will custom make your own unique printed scrub top style.


Faux Leopard Print Scrubs

A042WIND - Faux Leopard Print Scrubs

Your price: $35.99

Goin Wild Giraffe Animal print Scrub Tops

AS3814LIMITED - Goin Wild Giraffe Animal print Scrub Tops

Your price: $29.99

Surgical Caps

ZS100 - Surgical Caps

Your price: $13.99


Animal lovers often choose to buy faux fur because they believe it's a form of cruelty-free fashion. But lots of "faux" fur contains real fur -- from dogs, cats, rabbits, and raccoon dogs.

We buy faux-fur clothing in the hopes of getting the  warmth, comfort and the fashionable looks of fur without the cruelty. But, unfortunately, an investigation of NYC's Century 21 retail store revealed real fur items labeled as "faux fur". Not just that, but Items sold in Century 21's online store were also mislabeled. You know what that means? You end up buying the cruelty, that you wanted to stay away from.

Most of the fur comes from the most hated country....China,  and is from raccoon dogs. Rabbit, dog and cat fur have  also been found in "faux fur" or items that have been so conveniently not even labeled. The manufacturers who use this fur, know that Americans are less likely to buy fur that comes from  animals, so they just simply lie about it, and mislabel it!

Shocking undercover videos have exposed and demonstrated how animals are abused in the fur trade. It is totally unacceptable to mislabel fur items so that we compassionate consumers end up continuing to support these cruel practices. Please copy and paste this url to sign the petition to urge the U.S. legislators to fix the  fur mislabeling!
You came here for the 100% cotton printed scrub tops, and of course they are all faux skins, but being advocates for animals' rights, this this the perfect place and time to advocate for those rights. Just remember, when you are buying garments that look like fur, or that even look like fake fur, check your sources and make sure the cruel china critter skinners are not getting rich off of you.


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