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Octopus Pediatric Scrubs, -makes great dental scrub tops!

Product #:  AO81014
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Brand:  TopSpot4U
100% cotton custom made scrubs
Made in the U.S.A.!!!!
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- 100% cotton
- Fade resistant fabric
- Stress point reinforcement
- Freedom of movement with optional Side Vents
- Unisex sizing
Octopus Interesting Facts:
They each have 3 hearts!
Some species live no longer than 6 months and the Giant Pacific for 5 years. The main cause of death is reproduction. Males live only a few months after mating and females - shortly after eggs hatch. They die of starvation because they neglect to eat while taking care of unhatched eggs.
Retail Price:  $33.99
Price:  $25.99 - $52.99

octopus pediatric and dental scrubs

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$25.99 - $52.99

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